QuadraSire Band Music Prog Rock

QuadraSire is a Prog Rock band based in the Carolinas, USA.  Their music inspires thoughts of "Dream Theater", "Rush", "Styx", "Kansas" and other great bands with Prog Rock roots.  QuadraSire creates music that you will want to listen to top to bottom, again and again.

QuadraSire provides you with the soundtrack behind the foundation of "Always stand on principle, but never stand alone".  We're with you!

Founder and principle songwriter David Harris invites YOU, the music FAN, to add this hard driving and culturally relevant music to your library.

QuadraSire's debut album, "Dream Releasers", is available no on all major platforms.

You can also pay what you want by make a donation below and we'll email you the CD Quality 44.1K "wav" audio.  Thanks for your support!

QuadraSire - Dream Releasers